Best Beard Trimmers 2020 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Facial hair has become quite a fashion statement in recent times.

With various beard styles coming into play, men have shown a great deal of interest in the methods one opts in order to add a touch of class to their outlook.

Whenever the idea of beard styles comes into mind, one often thinks about the relevant accessories.

For instance, facial hair often makes us think about the barber, beard trimmers, and the perfect shave.

Best Beard Trimmers 2020

Resultantly, the search for the best beard trimmer has also gained a significant amount of importance because of course, who wants to go to a barber and spend an hour-long session sitting straight.

However, before buying a quality beard trimmer, one needs to know what makes a top-notch trimmer.
Whenever we consider any product or an accessory, we have to look into the contributing factors that enable us to determine its quality.

  • Similarly, there are various factors that aid the evaluation of a beard trimmer’s quality.
  • For instance, there are electric beard trimmers that come with various designs, which definitely play a vital role in catching the buyer’s eye as one wants an easy to hold trimmer while shaving.
  • Moreover, when we are considering such a product, it must be travel-friendly too.
  • Here is a look at some of the key factors that need to be considered in order to determine the quality of a beard trimmer.
Wahl Clipper Beard Trimmer1st
Wahl Lithium Ion+ 9818

Versatile and Appealing

Lithium Ion+ 4 hours of runtime
4 head 12 guard attachments
5-years warranty
Self-Sharpening Blades

Wahl Clipper Beard Trimmer2nd
Phillips 3000

Easy Cleaning

Lithium battery 60 minutes of run time
13 Attachments
2 Year Warranty
Self-sharpening blades

Philips Norelco Vacuum 3rd
Philips 7200

Self Cleaning One

80 minutes of runtime
4 attachments, 20 built in length settings
5-years warranty
Integrated vacuum system

Panasonic Beard and Mustache 4th
Panasonic ER-GB40-S

Rapid Action

50 minutes of runtime
1 attachments
2 year warranty
Dry and wet cleaning

 Suprent Beard Trimmer5th
Suprent Bt235b

All in One

60 minutes of running time
7 attachments
1-years warranty

Gillette Fusion ProGlider 6th
Gillette ProGlider

Body Groomer

1 AAA removeable battery
3 combs 1 ProGlide razor
Waterproof and washable

Panasonic Beard Trimmer 7th
Panasonic ER-SB40-K

Sheer Power

Up to 60 minute runtime
19 built in length settings

Remington PG6025 8th
Remington PG6025

Travel Buddy

65 minutes backup time
14 Length settings and 2 head attachments
Self sharpening surgical blades

Braun MGK30609th
Braun MGK3060

Ultimate Precision

60 minutes of runtime
Gillette pro-glide razor for clean
1-years warranty

Suprent Beard Trimmer 10th
Suprent BT315b

Compact and Versatile

Lithium Ion 70 of runtime
7 different length settings
1-year warranty


Wahl Lithium Ion+ 9818 - Versatile & Appealing

Versatile & Appealing

  • Aesthetic Design
  • Comes with a number of self-sharpening blades
  • Best suited for all hair lengths and types
  • Multiple attachments ensure the desired beard style
  • Perfect travel option

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The Whal brand has been designing professional trimmers since 1919, which makes it a reliable choice for the buyer. With a variety of options to offer, Wahl surely is one of the top-rated beard trimmer manufacturing brands around.

This Wahl model is the best of the best, a high-quality, stainless steel cordless trimmer with patented self-sharpening blades.

Pierce Lane

Reviewer at Groom&Style

Being a multipurpose trimmer, it ensure you a perfect shave.

Most trimmers are only able to take care of beard and mustache trimming, but the number of accessories the Wahl Clipper comes with is suitable for trimming sideburns, nose, neckline, and brows.

  • Warranty: The Wahl Clipper beard trimmer ensures a perfect look and brand reliability. Coming from the top-rated manufacturers with a 5-year warranty makes it an attractive option for the buyer.
  • Battery: It comes with a lithium-ion plus rechargeable battery, this beard trimmer is a perfect option while traveling. Moreover, This trimmer can use 4-hours with 1-hour of charge and 3-minutes of use with 1-minute use.
  • Attachments: This trimmer allows the user to target a number of areas with considerable ease. It comes with 4 multipurpose attachments T-Blade, Detail Shaver, Rotary Personal Trimmer, Detail Trimmer.

    And 12 Attachment easy to use guards with ranging from 1/16″ to 1″. The inclusion of a number of blades provides a variety of edging and the use of patented technology to design the blades suits all hair types.

The Wahl Trimmer has also been reported as one of the best options while considering a gift. A beard trimmer has taken the place of necessity in such a busy lifestyle we have to maintain. A trimmer that comes with such alluring features along with diversity to address all areas is the best thing to gift.


  • Although the number of attachments the Wahl Trimmer comes with make it the best-suited beard trimmer for most, but some users have expressed their concern that carrying the attachments is problematic.
  • This is because when a product comes with a number of components, it becomes rather difficult to manage as you have to use different blades for length options.
  • Wide range of trimming options
  • Reliability
  • Best suited for travelling
  • Multiple components make it difficult to manage
  • Combs can break if not used with care


Phillips Norelco 3000/50 - Easy Cleaning

Easy Cleaning

  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Multiple attachments for trimming unwanted hair on nose, sideburns, and neckline
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery provides 60 minutes of performance with an 8 hour charge
  • All attachments are washable to ensure easy cleaning
  • Blades do not need blade oil

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The self-sharpening blades provide easy and smooth trimming experience and ensure that the sharpness remains after 2 years of use. The ability of self-sharpening also eliminates the worry about blade oil as you do not have to use it.

  • Attachments: Phillips Norelco comes with 13 attachments with a full-sized steel trimmer to address the beard and mustache hair, a steel precision trimmer to pace up the trimming process, and a Nose & Ear trimmer to take care of the unwanted hair. Having such diversity is what makes it a top-quality trimmer for the buyer.
  • Washable: All the attachments included in this beard trimmer are washable. This ensures easy cleaning and provides a great deal of ease to the user.
  • Warranty: This Trimmer has an attractive option for the buyer is that it comes with a 2-year warranty. As a matter of fact, we do not have enough time to visit the shops repeatedly in order to get the product fixed. Therefore, a brand warranty of 2 years along with a money-back guarantee of 45 days is what makes it one of the best beard trimmers.

It comes with a number of beard guards. These beard guards enable the user to operate on different hair lengths. The beard guards help you achieve the desired beard style as it requires edging at some places whereas power at the others.

The Phillips Norelco 3000/50 suits all your needs to achieve the perfect trim. It also includes a universal charger that adapts 100-240 v.

Overall, this is a top-quality beard trimmer as it serves a number of purposes and is not limited to beard and mustache trimming.

  • Something about the Phillips Norelco Multigroom Series 3000/50 that might sway the buyer is the absence of an LED indicator for charging.
  • Some of the users seem really annoyed because of it as it is hard to keep track of the charging due to no LED indicator. Moreover, it does not show you the battery status that might help you anticipate how much battery is there and when is charging needed.
  • Easy cleaning
  • 5 minutes of charge enough for a beard trim
  • Easy grip
  • A full charge takes really long as up to 8 hours
  • No LED indicator for charging or any display of battery status


Philips Norelco Vacuum 7200 - Self Cleaning One

Self Cleaning One

  • Suits all grooming needs
  • 20 built in length settings
  • Powerful suction catched up to 90 percent
  • Battery power goes up to 80 minutes
  • Integrated Vacuum System

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Philips Norelco 7200 is designed to address all your grooming needs. Manufacturers have included a transparent container right below the trimmer head, which collects all the whiskers, easing the process of maintenance.

Having this trimmer, you just have to detach the container once you are done with trimming and empty it into the bin.

It provides a variety of lengths to choose from. Starting off from a length of 0.5 mm, it goes all the way up to 10 mm, making it best-suited for the beard styling enthusiasts who are often looking to experiment.

There is a dial right above the vacuum container that can be pressed in order to adjust the length. Pressing it once increases the length by 0.5 mm. To enhance the ease further, the front includes a display that shows the selected length in white digits.


  • Apart from all the impressive features it has, the Philips Norelco Vacuum Beard Trimmer might not be the most affordable option out there.
  • Considering the buyers, an option that is not affordable automatically decreases the target audience as most of the buyers are looking for something that just serves the purpose of beard trimming and not so many styling options.

Therefore, this beard trimmer might make the buyer thin k twice upon considering the other options in the price range.

This is meant for fine detailing. A look at the accessories it comes with is a clear indication of that. Apart from a normal trimmer head, it includes an adjustable beard comb along with a fine detailing trimmer head and additional two combs.

These all are detachable and can be washed easily under running water. So if you are looking for fine detailing and looking to upgrade your beard trimmer this is the right choice.

This is because it comes with an advance inclusion of a vacuum that ensures the mess is minimal after a beard trim. It includes a vacuum cleaner that takes care of the stray whiskers.

  • Easy to clean
  • Includes two trimmer heads and three combs
  • Inclusion of lift and trim technology ensures the perfect trimming
  • The range closer than 0.5 mm is not available
  • A little on the expensive side


Panasonic Trimmer ER-GB40-S - Rapid Action

 Rapid Action

  • Dual cleaning methods (both dry and wet cleaning)
  • Inclusion of precision blades ensures the perfect trim
  • Fast paced blades require fewer passes for trimming
  • Easily washable
  • Travel friendly

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This amazing beard trimmer is the perfect amalgamation of pace and precision. The rapid action blades it has do not only require less passes, but also work at the perfect 45-degree angle to ensure precision.

The blades work well at a fast pace, requiring fewer passes and work well with all forms of hair whether you are going through thick or dense hair.

  • Wet Cleaning: What differentiates this from the rest of the beard trimmers is its ability to provide wet cleaning. Although it works really well in the dry mode too, but wet cleaning makes it an attractive option for the buyer as it can be used while taking a bath.
  • Sharp & Fast: This ability, when combined with the sharp and fast-paced blades, enables the Panasonic ER-GB40-S to be swift and effective. Moreover, you can also use lotions, gels, and similar things with this trimmer as it is able to work well with them too.
  • Adjustable: This beard Trimmer has the availability of 19 length options. You can adjust the desired length from 1 mm up to 10 mm. It includes a dial that can be rotated according to your requirements. A single move increases the length by 0.5 mm, providing you with calibrated information of the length setting. Being considered among the top quality beard trimmers, such diversity is surely a handsome feature.
  • Washable: This is washable Trimmer. It ensures easy maintenance as you just have to put it under running water once you are done with the trimming. This does not only provide ease in trimming, but also saves a great deal of time and trouble as you just have to wash it in order to take care of the whiskers.

Secondly, In the present day lifestyle, we have a lot of things going on and something that helps us save time always comes handy.

Although the attractive features of the Panasonic ER-GB40-S grasp the attention of a large audience, but the battery timing and life might come as a concern for the buyers.

This is because although it is rechargeable, but the battery of this beard trimmer has been reported to not work well after some time. This concerns the buyers who are looking to keep the trimmer as a travel buddy.

Although its compact design makes it easily place able in the luggage, but you cannot rely on the battery life.

  • Works well with use of gel and lotions
  • IComes with a comb attachment
  • Affordable
  • Sleek design not best-suited for large hands
  • Battery life not reliable
 All in One

  • One of the top sellers
  • Adjustable combs
  • Compact design
  • Charging dock entertains all attachments easily
  • Variety of brush heads takes care of all grooming needs

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Talking about the Suprent Beard Trimmer, it kind of guides you through the process of beard trimming. This is because it works quite smoothly and takes care of your trimming needs eliminating any troubles faced in the process.

This Trimmer comes with a wide range of features, addressing all body grooming needs of the buyer. This is because usually beard trimmers are designed to address beard and mustache trimming.

This trimmer, on the other hand, has got a total of 5 trim heads that can be used to trim unwanted hair on nose and ears. The trim heads are easily detachable and ensure the provision of maximum ease and precision to the user.

Affordable: being affordable is a major reason for the Suprent Beard Trimmer to be considered as one of the best beard trimmers. Most of the buyers are looking for their basic trimming needs to be addressed and when you are getting a number of features with the product being affordable, it is always a major attraction for the buyer.

If you consider the middle-aged individuals, they are not looking for experimenting with beard styles, which is why an affordable beard and mustache trimmer works fine for them.

Furthermore, the trimmer heads are quite easily replaceable. An easy to use the device is always liked by the buyer and therefore, the Suprent Beard Trimmer is not only an affordable but versatile option.

You just need to press the buttons at the bottom and can replace the trimmer head within seconds. This combined with the compact design, which provides the ease for the Suprent Beard Trimmer to be carried along is just another of its many features.

Another thing that differentiates the Suprent Beard Trimmer from the rest of the top-rated beard trimmers is its ease of cleaning and sanitizing. This makes it usable for more than one individual in a single household. Apart from that, it also provides detailed options as it includes the length settings of 2, 4, 6, and 8 mm adjustable according to your needs.

A versatile beard trimmer like Suprent Beard Trimmer raises a couple of concerns for the buyers when its battery timing and life is taken into consideration. The battery takes up to 2 hours of charging to provide an hour long of shaving. Secondly, the battery has been reported to malfunction after some time. Resultantly, one cannot rely on the battery performance. However, a 5 minute charge provides enough battery for a single trim. Apart from that, there is no warranty on this product, which also makes the buyer think twice before considering this option.
  • Affordable
  • Trimmer heads easily replaceable
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Battery timing not the best
  • No warranty or money back policy

Gillette Fusion ProGlider - Body Groomer

 Body Groomer

  • Powerful yet smooth on the skin
  • Aids the achievement of fine detailing
  • Includes the renowned Bronn motor
  • Acts as a razor, clipper, and a styler (Hence the 3 in 1)
  • Precision blades ensure smooth and detailed shave
  • Dermatologists approved

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Talking about the Gillette Fusion ProGlider Styler, calling it a beard trimmer would not do justice to it. This is because it is regarded as a body groomer as its capability to generate power while being quite gentle on the skin is really distinctive.

Acting as a beard trimmer, it is useful to address even the thickest and most dense beards whereas it can also act as a body groomer to reach the most sensitive areas of your skin.

What generates power is the inclusion of the Bronn motor, which is a renowned motor manufacturing brand and when used in a product designed by Gillette, well what more could one ask for?

This Trimmer includes a number of comb attachments that can adjust according to your skin in order to provide the best trimming experience. For such a product to be ranked among the top beard trimmers, having diverse features always helps.

The multiple comb attachments ensure fine detailing as you can have the luxury of various trimming lengths. This often suits the buyers who are looking to experiment with beard styles.

Another distinctive feature of the Gillette Fusion ProGlider Styler is its ability to provide wet trimming. It always comes in handy when you are running on a tight schedule where time is of the essence. If you can use your trimmer while taking a shower, it does save a lot of time.

If we notice, The removable battery is the ability of this Trimmer too. If you are on long trip and you haven’t much time to recharge the battery then you just replace it and have fun with it.

Therefore, this body groomer has the ability to work smoothly and let you multitask. The blades are sharp enough to require fewer passes and provide better results and you can also take off the blades in order to use the clippers for shaping sideburns.

As a result, the extreme efficiency along with easy use is what grasps the attention of the buyer.

What concerns the buyer regarding the Gillette Fusion ProGlider Styler is the absence of a rechargeable battery. A rechargeable battery saves a great deal of trouble of going to buy the batteries repeatedly every now and then.

Moreover, the requirement of batteries that are not rechargeable also increases the long term cost of the product. This has resulted in buyers expressing a bit of concern for this product.

Additionally, the Gillette Fusion ProGlider Styler is quite sleek. Some of the buyers would have liked it to be bigger in size as a compact design does not often suit the grip if you have bigger hands.

  • Affordable
  • Offers Wet Trimming
  • Multiple length settings
  • Battery not rechargeable
  • Compact design makes the grip difficult for individuals with bigger hands

Panasonic Trimmer ER-SB40-K - Sheer Powerr

 Sheer Powerr

  • Compact design makes it lightweight
  • Provides up to 19 different length settings
  • Easy to clean
  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel blades aid the perfect trim
  • Powerful motor can cut thickest and most dense beards

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One of the most distinctive features of the Panasonic Beard Trimmer is that although it does not come with a number of attachments like trimmer heads for different length setting, but it includes a top-quality guard comb that can adjust to a wide range of 19 different length settings.

In order to adjust the length, there is a quick-adjust dial in the middle that can be moved according to the requirements of the trim.

  • Battery: It has a great lithium-ion battery that can work for 60 minutes straight over a full charge. A beard trimmer with such a powerful motor and reliable battery life can surely be considered as the best travel-friendly beard trimmer around. Comparing the charging time, It takes one hour for a full charge when most of the beard trimmers take at least two.
  • Powerful Motor: In addition, it has one of the most powerful motors, that is capable of generating 9800 Cuts per Minute (CPM). This enables it to work efficiently while trimming the longest, thickest, or the densest beards.
  • Waterproof: Users often find it troublesome to clean the beard trimmers as the unwanted whiskers take great amount of time to be removed. This Trimmer is easily washable and can just be put under water after use. This makes the process of cleaning quite convenient for the user as a time-saving option is always best-suited.

Another appealing feature of this is the compact design it has. It does not only make it easy to handle while trimming, but also makes it easy to carry around.

If you are traveling and you have a sleek designed trimmer, it will always come handy as you can easily adjust it in the luggage. The beard trimmers with such designs are not only easy to use but travel-friendly too.

Apart from all the cool features that make this trimmer worth buying, what comes as a concern for the buyer is it being one of the most expensive beard trimmers around.

Therefore, if you are looking for an affordable beard trimmer, this trimmer is not what you are looking for.

In addition, it is exclusively meant for beard trimming and does not include other features for body grooming that also comes as drawback.

  • Waterproof
  • Usable both as corded and cordless
  • Battery timing is good and takes less time to charge
  • No other features apart from beard trimming
  • Really expensive

Remington PG6025 - Travel Buddy

Travel Buddy

  • Travel friendly
  • Comes with variety of attachments
  • Compact design
  • High quality materials make it durable
  • All attachments are easily washable

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The Remington PG6025 has also made it to the list of top quality beard trimmers for the current year because of its variety of features. Here is a brief look.

This trimmer is best for travelers. It has been designed to tackle a quick trim that is often required when you are running short on time.

Running on a tight schedule really evolves the need for a real quick trim and this is where the Remington PG6025 comes into play. The sharp blades with a variety of attachments ensure precision and require lesser passes for the perfect trim.

Furthermore, this amazing beard trimmer comes with 8 different attachments. As a result, it cannot be viewed only as a beard trimmer, but a body groomer.

Where the full-size trimmer takes care of the thickest hair, the shaver ensures that the requirements of a shave are met in a smooth fashion.

Going further, the inclusion of other attachments is meant for unwanted hair on the nose and ear. These attachments are designed in a way to access the hard to reach areas painlessly. This is why the Remington PG6025 is regarded as a body groomer.

It also provides durability as the use of high-quality materials in the creation of the components makes them durable.

This is liked by a great number of users as a durable product is expected to work longer and ensure value for the money spent.

However, the components of this trimmer are easily washable and you just have to put them under running water after using. This does not only save time but make the process easier too.

The Remington PG6025 comes with a hefty price tag, which comes as a concern for a lot of buyers.

Although the number of attachments and multiple features make it well worth the money to some extent, but still a lot of users find its price on the higher side.

Therefore, a number of other options are available in the same price range.

  • Sharp blades require fewer passes
  • Includes a lithium-ion battery providing a backup time of 65 minutes
  • All attachments are easily detachable
  • Not one of the affordable options

Braun MGK3060 - Ultimate Precision 8 in 1 kit

Ultimate Precision 8 in 1 kit

  • Multiple attachments to address all your grooming needs
  • Inclusion of sharp blades best-suited for experimenting beard styles
  • Powerful battery
  • Comes with Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor to address a perfect shave
  • Comfortable to handle due to its compact design

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The precise shave provided by the Braun MGK3060 is one of the primary reasons for this trimmer to be ranked among the leading beard trimmers list. Let us take a look at the prominent features

The attachments include 13 length settings with only 4 combs in the kit make it suitable to cater to all your grooming needs for beard and hairstyle.

In addition, another trimmer is meant for the unnecessary hair on the nose and ears. For a product to be considered among the best beard trimmers, having a variety of features always comes as a plus.

This trimmer has a powerful battery. A nice running time of 60 minutes often suits the user when detailing is required.

In addition to detailing, Gillette pro-glide razor helps for a clean shave or contour edge.

It comes with one year of warranty from the purchase date, This warranty will apply if the timmer damages against the defect of materials or workmanship.

Moreover, the sharpening blades allow you to get a detailed trim according to your needs without having to visit a salon repeatedly.

Having such sharp blades also has the advantage of the trimmer requiring fewer passes to achieve the desired trim.

Furthermore, it has an LED indicator that intimates when charging is required. This is also quite helpful as you never want your trimmer battery to end amidst the trim. Then there is the compact design to provide a perfect grip.

  • Although the battery of the Braun MGK3060 is regarded as powerful as compared to the rest of the quality beard trimmers, but the charging time it takes comes as a concern for the buyer. This is because a full charge takes 8 hours for this trimmer to provide an hour long performance.
  • Secondly, users have reported the internal circuitry to be below average as multiple problems have been seen in this regard. This affects the reliability of the product and makes the buyers look for other options big time. Malfunction at any time is not liked by the buyer.
  • LED indicates whenever charging is required
  • Easy maintenance as it is washable
  • Sharp stainless steel blades
  • Battery requires 8 hours of charging
  • Internal circuitry not the best

Suprent BT315b - Compact and Versatile

 Compact and Versatile

  • Comes with a safety lock making it easier to carry
  • The travel bag and USB charging makes management easier
  • Sharp blades provide smooth and fast paced performance
  • Compact design makes it convenient to handle
  • Powerful and long lasting battery

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The Suprent Beard Trimmer is the right traveling partner. The combination of compactness and versatility makes it distinctive enough to be ranked among the top-notch beard trimmers available.

The features of Suprent Beard Trimmer make it the perfect choice to be carried alongside you anywhere due to its ideally designed.

Where the inclusion of a safety lock makes it a reliable travel buddy, the travel bag makes it easy to place inside a briefcase whenever you are on a business trip.

Moreover, the inclusion of USB charging provides more ease to charge it for instant use.

Apart from the ease of being carried along, the blades it has are sharp enough to require fewer passes for a perfect trim. This amalgamation of accuracy and efficiency makes it quite an attractive option for the buyer. This saves a great deal of time as well as lets you get the desired beard style for a totally customized experience.

Moreover, the compact design is also an advantage as an easy to grip trimmer is surely ranked among the attractive beard trimmers.

A detailed trim can take a lot of time and this is where a compact design ensures convenience.

Furthermore, the powerful battery of the Suprent Beard Trimmer also makes it quite an appealing option for the buyer.

The performance in this regard makes it quite distinctive as a 1.5-hour charge enables it to work for 70 minutes. Such is the power of the lithium-ion battery it has that it takes lesser time to charge and gives a long-lasting performance.

Another feature of the Suprent Trimmer that grasps the attention of the buyer is the availability of 7 different length settings.

It suits a wide range of purposes as the length settings can be adjusted from 2 mm to 14 mm. You can make the trim detailed, quick, and impressive utilizing the diversity in length settings.

The multiple features offered by Suprent Beard Trimmer do make it a great option for the buyer, but the variation in the length settings could have been more precise.

As we saw earlier, there are top beard trimmers available that go as slender as 0.5 mm in length settings. That provides more ease to the user to experiment with beard styles. In addition, the battery has been reported to drain quickly in some cases too.

  • Variety of length settings
  • Ensures a precise trim
  • Better length settings are available in other trimmers
  • Battery drains out quickly as reported by some buyers

What makes this Guide Trustworthy?

Buyer guides are often reported to be unbiased. This is because with the importance of buyer guides increasing to an amazing extent, a number of brands slightly influence a certain product to be portrayed differently. As a matter of fact, every product has its own pros and cons and therefore, no single product can be referred to as flawless. This approach was followed in this guide as we tried to get a deeper knowledge of the listed products by going through the user reviews.

The Best Trimmer for beards: Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the best body trimmer?

Beard trimmers have undoubtedly become a necessity with the passage of time. What initially started as just a simple trimmer to cater to the free flow of the beard and mustache has eventually turned into a body groomer in order to address the grooming needs.
Here, a number of variations come into play as the structure of hair over different parts of the body that need trimming is different. For instance, the beard has the thickest and most dense hair, bringing the need for sharper blades. With the inclusion of various beard styles, users have also become more prone to experimenting and obviously, it is difficult to make time to visit a salon for that. Therefore, fine detailing where you have to cut sharp as well as go smooth requires multiple length settings while trimming. As a result, the need for versatility and an all-in-one product has increased.

Is a beard trimmer limited to trim beard hair only?

With various products available, you can now easily find a multi-functional beard trimmer providing a number of trimmer heads. These trimmer heads are designed to address different parts of the body. You can easily detach the heads and address the most inaccessible areas to take care of unwanted hair especially of the ears and nose.

Can a beard trimmer be used to groom armpits and pubic region?

Somebody groomers are so well designed that they come with a razor and multiple trimmer heads to suit your body grooming needs. They allow the user to take care of body hair even the most sensitive areas like the pubic region. Similarly, certain beard trimmers have been designed to provide wet cleaning and they can be easily used while you are taking a shower in order to save time.

How can a beard trimmer be kept clean?

In addition, cleaning the beard trimmer has also been a great concern for the users. In order to cater that, the manufacturers have introduced a number of washable beard trimmers or at least make the attachments waterproof. After a trim, you just have to put the trimmer under running water and clean the mess quite easily.

What is good battery life for a trimmer?

Charging also takes significant importance in this regard. The best beard trimmer is not only supposed to possess long battery life but also fast-paced charging. There are a number of trimmers that provide an hour-long backup time once fully charged, but they take up to 8 hours of charging for that. This is also troublesome for the buyer as quick charging is equally important as the battery life.

Is a beard trimmer’s length adjustable?

For a beard trimmer to be top-notch, it has to possess the right combination of precision and efficiency. We have seen that precision does come via the availability of different length settings, but a beard trimmer also requires sharp blades that can work faster and require fewer passes in order to achieve the desired results. Furthermore, the compactness also counts as detailed trimming can take a lot of time. You need a perfect 45-degree angle in order to address your trimming needs conveniently. Therefore, a beard trimmer also needs to possess an easier grip so that it can be held for longer durations.

Where to buy a beard trimmer?

Although the beard trimmers are available in the supermarkets, the introduction of online shopping has left a significant impact in this regard. With the products available at different platforms like Amazon with the provision of home delivery, it has become quite easier to buy beard trimmers as a lot of options in all price ranges are available.

How long does a beard trimmer last?

The life of a beard trimmer merely depends on the quality of the material it is made from. The average life of a beard trimmer is reported to be a year and it further goes up to 10 years. However, it also depends on the way you keep it and the amount of use.

How much does an average-priced beard trimmer cost?

A normal-priced beard trimmer costs around $20 and the price range for the beard trimmers falls between $20 and $40. Of course, affordability and feature-filled products do not come together, but you can explore to find yourself a good deal.

Can a beard trimmer be repaired?

Repairing a beard trimmer is often troublesome. However, there are certain pet issues that come into play. If it stops working, the problem is often that the beard trimmer requires cleaning. Clogging due to the whiskers getting in the way is a common problem in this regard. Moreover, the charging becomes an issue and resultantly, the beard trimmer can be sent in for exchange or claims if the warranty is still there.

Final thoughts

With a detailed look into the requirement of a beard trimmer and the relevant factors, we hope that this buyer guide will aid a great deal in the selection of the best-suited beard trimmer. In addition, we do hope that you get the perfect trim in order to look at the best version of yourself.

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